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07|3|12 Lasqueti Retreat: registration ready

OK folks- its time to register!

03|2|12 Home from Retreat

I’ve taken the last month to allow the power and wisdom I stirred up at my yoga retreat in Costa Rica to seep into my daily life.  My month  “away” was a profound and transformative journey. Cleansed, humbled and elated … Continue reading

09|1|12 soaking it up!

I’m about to embark on the journey home after 3+ weeks in Costa Rica.  I was here assisting my amazing yoga teacher Shiva Rea, practicing Kalari, meditating and surfing. I completely plugged in to the elements. I’m refreshed inside out … Continue reading

22|11|11 Its winter!

I spent the past 2 weekends shredding the fresh cool powder- completely dreamy. Apparently not all of you are aware that its winter. Whether you like downhill, snow-shoeing, cross country, tubing, hiking, mountaineering… do not be afraid of snow folks- … Continue reading

02|10|11 Lasqueti Island yoga retreat- PROMO video

Here is a peak at my Lasqueti retreat from July 2011- Stay tuned for 2012 details… lasqueti island yoga retreat trailer from will on Vimeo.

14|8|11 Poetic Inspiration

A yoga student wrote out this poem and gave it to me last week. It made me think about all the places I’ve travelled and why I’ve gone; how I’ve changed and who I’ve become and… who I want to … Continue reading

30|7|11 Lasqueti Retreat- unique, special & secluded!

Well- I have to say.  This retreat was spectacular & jaw droopingly beautiful. Outrageous studio, surreal forest landscape, cleansing sauna, wholesome food, grooving yoga and AWEOME Live music (DJ, drums, harp).  This is not something to miss next year! Stay … Continue reading

14|6|11 Lasqueti retreat location

Check out this gorgeous property & building- host of my Lasqueti Yoga retreat July 22-24

23|5|11 Yoga on Lasqueti July 23 & 24

09|5|11 PART 2: The Water project

Its 1987 and Sherda had quite the task  before  him.  Trail blazing a rural project water- something that not even the Ghanian government was (and still is) willing to take on.  Dams, reseviours, treatment facilities, laying the pipes, rigging pumps, managing … Continue reading